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Procurement of raw materials, equipment, services, semi-finished parts, etc. are in accordance with the following general procedure :


  • Prepare the requirement in accordance with the job (client's specifications)

  • Request specification sheets, brochures, etc. from a number of suppliers and sub-contractors

  • Request quotations and quality plan, delivery plan, etc.

  • Selection procedure (the best supplier who can catch up with the requirement)

  • Open purchase order

  • Inspection and coordination, etc.

  • Final inspection and delivery


Purchasing and storage of consumables such as welding electrodes, welding flux, gases, cutting and abrasive tools, acids will be in line with the technical requirement of the jobs to be done. The specifications, packing, method of delivery, method of storage shall be in conformity with the manufacturer's specifications.

For example welding electrodes will be kept under the specified limits of temperature and humidity. Electrodes that come with original protected packages will be kept as it until the time of use. When necessary re-drying will be performed before use. During the use (or at site) electrodes will be kept inside electrically heated quivers at specified


Procurement of raw materials such as metals (sheets, sections, etc.) will need certificates of the manufacturer such as heat number, mill certificate to know the chemical composition, properties and the size of the materials. If there is change of materials from the original specifications, client's approval shall be obtained before purchasing.

Purchasing of paint materials shall be done in accordance with the client's requirement. Client's requirement shall be sent to the various paint producers to submit their paint materials that are best suited to the job. Selected paint brand name and its specifications shall be submitted to the client for approval before purchasing. The storage of paint materials shall also be according to the producer's suggestions.

Procurement of services or sub-contracting
Sub-contractors shall receive a complete set of details: scope of their job, various data, technical specifications and drawings, bill of materials, work programmed, conditions of contract, delivery schedule, etc. Generally sub-contractors shall be requested to submit the followings together with their quotations :


  • Company profile and manual stating the date of registration, history, finished projects, available equipment and manpower, etc.

  • Quality plan or the preparation to meet the requested specifications: for example., welding, brazing, plating, cleanliness, heat treating, etc.

  • Method of recording and record control: recording and maintenance of record files against deterioration and damage

  • If there is a lower-tier subcontractor, the identification of the service or products to be obtained from the lower-tier sub-contractor and the description of the lower-tier sub-contractor

  • Description (including the procedure) of inspection and tests that will be performed

  • Description of special equipment needed

  • Description of the personnel qualifications


If agreed in the contract, we shall notify our client the details of our selected sub-contractors and their scopes of job plus inspection and delivery schedule. If there are some parts in the project for which we agreed with our client not to sub-let, these parts shall be manufactured only in our factory.


All the record files shall be kept safely against any kind of damage. These record files shall be kept for certain number of years after the project is finished, as may be agreed with the clients.






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