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Project Control




Projects are managed and controlled under the guidance of experienced top management: engineering manager, marketing manager, plant manager and administration manager.

Basically each project could be divided into the following phases:

1. Pre-project phase (biding and securing the job)

  • Study of design and scope of jobs

  • Acquiring necessary data from outside sources if necessary

  • Cost and schedule estimating

  • Quotation submission

  • Acceptance of contract award 


2. Construction (fabrication) phase

  • Design calculation, material selection and submission for approval

  • Producing fabrication drawing and submission for approval

  • Project cost control

  • Project planning (internal meeting and assignment of manpower, equipment, work area, etc.)

  • Payment, purchasing, sub-contracting if necessary

  • Inspection and progress report

  • Problems solving, change of design, change of procedure, re-submission for approval


3. Post-construction (fabrication) phase

  • Final inspection

  • Packing and shipping and/or handing over at site

  • Contract closeou

Startup meeting
Once a contract is awarded, the startup meeting is scheduled. The project engineer (or engineering manager) presents the project to the designer/draftsman, plant manager and other staff that will be involved in the project. All information about the project is reviewed and discussed for any possible problems.

Project engineer will work very closely with top management, design and drafting, purchasing, production team to keep the schedule that meets the client's requirement. This schedule is monitored and adjusted regularly, and the client is informed of any changes.

Purchasing officer is responsible for securing the required materials needed for the fabrication job to be finished on schedule. He will be closely working together with the project engineer and the accounting/financial section.

The production department (plant) works to meet the contract requirement. The plant manager is responsible for the management of all fabrication under the various projects to meet the respective schedule. The plant manager will work hand in hand with project engineer and other top management to solve the problems.





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