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Design and 



Under the 12 years experience of Project manager, our designers, draftsmen and project engineer work in the head office, in the factory
and also at site when necessary.



Designers, project engineer and draftsmen work hand-in-hand with marketing department, administration department (procurement), the plant/factory and the quality control section in the factory. Since the drafting of the contract these people take part in the working on each project till the job is finished.



Engineering department is responsible for

  • Design calculation and material selection (to submit to client for approval)

  • Drafting the drawings (to submit to client for approval)

  • Procedure of manufacturing (to submit to client for approval)

  • Project management 



We are able to follow the internationally recognized industrial codes such as ASME, API, JIS, ASTM, DIN and Thai industrial standards.





 Design and Engineering  /  Procurement  /  Project Control 



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