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Consultant for mechanical and construction

       We provide consulting services for mechanical and construction
projects anywhere in Thailand and neighboring countries.
Design, fabrication and installation

        Below are some of our main products, which we design, 
build and site-install for our clients: 


Plant Equipment : 
Pressure Vessel, Tank, Hopper, etc.


Steel Structures : 
Pipe Rack, Platform, Structure, etc.


Others : 
Fire Fighting System, Fire Fighting piping, Miscellaneous piping , Piping Accessories, Agitator, Sluice Gate, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Repair and maintenance of machines and equipment

The experienced workforce, their skills, available facilities in our workshop and our associates' shops are utilized for these jobs too. Machines and equipment used in the industries such as Petrol-chemical, oil plant, buildings and other infrastructure
are covered in this scope. 




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